Haptic feedback technology allows touchscreen devices give users more feedback so it is easier to tell when a button or control is activated. There are some phones on the market that use haptics feedback today but most devices don’t. Immersion has announced a new haptics feedback development platform for Android called MOTIV.

The dev platform should make it easier for designers to integrate haptics feedback into new Android devices that will hit the market in the future. The platform has two elements including the MOTIV Integrator for OEMs and the MOTIV SDK for app developers. The Integrator has three parts including the UI module for integrating haptics into the OS user interface, the theme manager module to allow OEMs to choose haptic themes for the OS, and the reverb module that allows apps not optimized for haptics to use haptic feedback.

The SDK is set to hit in March and will offer an assortment of haptics design resources with tools like API, sample code, effect libraries, and more than 100 effects that are already designed. The SDK also has reference docs, and a conversion layer to integrate effects into apps. It also has an effect design studio for advanced users.


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