Imgur for Android

Imgur, the popular photo hosting and social site, has been entertaining millions of people exploring images of cats, motivational posts, hilarious memes, or just about anything that is going viral right now. The app’s Android version was recently updated with a new and better upload plus a revamped card-based gallery for mobile.

With the redesigned card-based gallery, you can see the visual stories now in front-and-center. To explore the photo stream, swipe to the left or right. To comment, vote, or favorite a post, just touch the image. Imgur for Android shows you stuff that really matter like the images, comments, and the community. Feel free to tell your story with photos and caption that can speak right to the hearts of the Imgurians. As with most app updates, several bugs have been fixed like you won’t get stuck in an image loop now with the new Imgur version.

You can easily browse photos by topic to the posts you are most interested in. It still is the same Android app we’ve grown to love that offers an easy way to explore, create, and share visual stories in a very friendly community. All the current funny things in the Internet, you can find in Imgur.

Imgur for Android was updated ahead of the iOS version but the latter should be ready soon. Imgur’s Lead Mobile Developer Andrew Shu shared how Imgur continues to provide a interesting mobile experience. He said, “We wanted to create a better mobile-first experience, so you can quickly and easily tap into Imgur from your commute, when you need a laugh or some support, when you’re bored, and anytime you get an itch for Imgur.” Shu said that the company is always committed to incorporating community feedback into future releases and updates so we can expect better versions every time.

Download Imgur for Android from the Google Play Store

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