If you like Imgur, you know their Android app is a bit frustrating. A touch clumsy, and not quite pretty to look at. That has all changed, as the app is being updated to version 1.3 today. With it, you’ll find the new Android slide-out menu and redesigned tablet interface.

The popular web-based image repository is wildly popular for Reddit images, but can be used to host whatever images you like. With an improved Android app, we’d like to think more people will use the service. The top menu gets the familiar slide-out enu, along with a dedicated upload button on the top right. We also see the wishbone share button, much like we find in various other apps and Google services.

The interface for tablets has also been re-done, moving us away from the adequate — but not great — scaled smartphone app. Now, Imgur takes full advantage of your tablet interface, creating a new depth and sheen to the service. We have to say, with the proliferation and increased screen quality of Andorid tablets, it’s about time a popular service like Imgur take advantage.

There are a few other fixes, like old search results no longer showing up, but the UI improvement is much needed. In our quick run-through, we find image searches much easier, and results pop just a bit more. This might just have us using Imgur a bit more, and that’s a good thing.