Strange as it may seem, dual screen are not an uncommon occurrence on Android. The Kyocera Echo is the primary example, but T-Mobile’s Doubleplay takes a different approach – and those are just the ones that can use both simultaneously. But a new concept device from startup Imerj Design (don’t blame them, all the good URLs are taken) may be the most exciting one yet.

It’s called the 2-in-1 Smartpad, and it uses a hinged design instead of the more common slider. The hardware itself isn’t all that interesting – we know Android can handle two screens at once with relative ease. It’s the custom interface that Imerj has developed to manage the extra windowed space that’s fascinating. The device can function as a standard slate phone, but apps can be moved around on either screen with a quick slide on the status bar.

See for yourself below:

The device has been in development for months, and naturally there’s no word on pricing or availability yet. But seeing the way that the Smartpad deftly manages multiple apps, a keyboard and inputs is certainly exciting. The Angry Birds game playing concurrently with an Iron Man 2 trailer was particularly impressive – who hasn’t whipped out their phone for some quick gaming or texting while watching TV anyway? It’s reminiscent of Microsoft’s sadly curtailed Courier tablet, though the prospect of double Super AMOLED screens and Gorilla Glass gives me hope that this one’s closer to a real release.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Imerj for any further developments.

[via Reddit]