For all the movie buffs that are constantly going to IMDb on their Android phone or tablet like I always do, today we have good news. The folks from IMDb have just issued an update to the Android application solving some pesky bugs and bringing multiple video quality settings to Android. Most importantly full 720p HD playback of trailers.

They recently released an update that brought a whole new user interface to the Android application for smartphones and tablets making everything larger, better, and easy quick access to movie trailers and more. Today they’ve just pushed another update that will allow multiple options for video playback on both phones and tablets. As you see above you can choose the default for WiFi which I’ve obviously set to 720p, and then when using 3G/4G you can select to stream video in 720p, 480, or standard definition.

Watching a quick preview of Game of Thrones in full 720p on my Galaxy Nexus you can clearly see from the screenshot above how awesome video playback is now. Not only is it fast but it’s extremely crisp too although a few preview trailers had an odd gray bar on the bottom fourth of the screen. Now only if Netflix streaming looked that good, then we’d be in business.

IMDb App Link