There is no official announcement yet or details about the upcoming new wearable from Samsung, said to be the SM-R150 (probably not its final name of course), but now we have some reported photos of the device leaked for our viewing pleasure. The design looks a bit like the sports variant of the Galaxy Gear S2 so most likely, it will be a fitness focused device and hopefully, there will be a heart-rate sensor to go along with it.

The next generation of the fitness and activity tracker from Samsung, based on the leaked images, looks like the Gear S2. It has the same circular display and rotatable bezel. But on a closer look, it might look more similar to the sports variant. It might also be carrying the Bio Processor chipset which they showcased on the S-Patch during the recently concluded CES 2016.

But more importantly, it might actually have a heart-rate sensor which will make it more for fitness rather than just a lifestyle or notification smartwatch. Based on what we’ve seen so far, there might be a feature that can measure body fat, count repetitions when you’re doing your workouts, and even keep track of how much water you’ve already drank.

Pricing will of course be a main concern here, but if it will just be a fitness wearable and will not carry all the features of the Gear S2, then they will be able to price it at a lower rate than other fitness wearables like the Fitbit Pulse or the Garmin Forerunner 225. Let’s see how it will all pan out and if this device will be introduced during the Mobile World Congress in March.

VIA: SAM Mobile