Even if you and your friends are using different phones on different platforms, the expectation is that you’ll have no problems receiving messages on various apps, especially messaging services. But apparently, even the most advanced of devices can experience glitches every once in a while when “talking” to each other. Some Pixel owners have reported that if someone using an iPhone 7 Plus sends a screenshot, the image appears to be distorted. Hopefully, this is a very fixable bug that may even be gone as of this writing (and publishing).

The distorted screenshots only happen when it is sent from the iPhone 7 Plus to anyone using the Google Pixel or Pixel XL on the SMS/MMS app or through Google Hangouts. It also only happens when it is taken within an iPhone app and not on the homescreen itself. However, it doesn’t happen in reverse, if someone using Google’s own smartphones sends a screenshot to an iPhone 7s user. In other words, it is a very specific bug.

This may actually be an Android 7.1 error, as there may be something different or wrong with the way image processing is handled with the latest major update from Google. One user who had a Nexus 6 that runs 7.1, probably through a custom ROM, reported that the glitch was happening on their device as well.

Google hasn’t made an official statement about this, although they are probably aware of it by now. Hopefully, a fix is just around the corner as something like this can get annoying quickly, especially if you send a lot of screenshots back and forth with friends.

VIA: Android Police