There are a few intelligent light bulbs vying for your dollar at the moment, but before you dive in, you might want to give iLumi a look. The iLumi series of Bluetooth LED light bulbs have been in development for the past two years, and now they need your help in making it to market. The iLumi Team has created an Indiegogo campaign to secure funding for this new line up of intelligent LED bulbs, and they have 35 days left to reach their funding goal of $100,000.

What’s cool about the iLumi bulbs is that they have Bluetooth built in, so they can communicate directly with your Bluetooth-enabled phone. They have a range of 100 feet, and can sync up with the other iLumi bulbs in your house as a means of sharing the commands you issue. Powered by HyperLux technology – which the teams says “makes iLumi the brightest and most efficient multicolor light bulbs” – the iLumi comes in four different varieties.

There are two large-sized iLumi bulbs, one with white spectrum functionality and the other with full spectrum capabilities. Similarly, there are two small-sized iLumi bulbs, with white and full spectrum models to choose from. The bulbs are controlled through an Android app on your phone, and iLumi’s technology is capable of supporting a network of 100 bulbs. That certainly isn’t bad, and it’s made even better by the fact that iLumi is touting “limitless programming options” with these bulbs.

For instance, the lights can sense your proximity and can turn on when you enter a room, switching off when you leave. If you have a house full of iLumi lightbulbs, you can even have them light your path as you walk through hallways and rooms. There are many other uses for the iLumi bulbs, and the team says they plan to release a developer SDK so users can come up with all new functionality for the line. iLumi bulbs start at $59, and depending on how quickly you get your pledge in, you could receive your bulbs as early as March 2013. There’s a lot more information over on iLumi’s Indiegogo page, so be sure to check that out if you think you might be interested in the new line up of intelligent light bulbs!


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