Last month we told you about a wireless charging furniture line that Ikea was going to introduce to the market. They have now officially announced what kind of products will be available this spring, and it’s even better than what we expected (well, if you’re a fan of wireless charging, convenience, and nice looking furniture in your house). Even if you don’t buy new furniture, they’re also offering charging pads and other accessories that you can DIY and add to your existing stuff at home.

The inductive charging device, which uses the Qi wireless standard, can be easily added to your Ikea furniture (if you have any). The Jyssen wireless charger ($30) will fit into the cord management hole of desks like the Micke and Stuva. Just add $5 more and you will get a drill so that you can put it however you want in your furniture. You can also just get a portable wireless charging pad (which actually looks nicer if you think about it) which you can leave in various parts of your house and office. There is a single pad ($28) and a triple pad ($65) which you can charge as many as three smartphones or tablets at the same time.



But if you’re in the market for actual furniture that have a wireless charging capability, you can choose from their whole line which includes a nightstand (Selje), a nightstand which also includes USB charging (Nordli), a floor lamp (Varv), a table lamp (also Varv), and a work lamp (Riggad). They are also selling a cord management box, a 3 port USB charger, and a 5 outlet power strip with a 2 port USB charger.



Just in case your smartphone doesn’t actually support Qi wireless charging, they also have Samsung Galaxy cases (and for iPhones too) that can add that functionality. All these items for this tech line will go on sale by late spring. Check out their catalog to find out more details for each of these furniture and wireless charging pads.