We’ve seen several iterations of IKEA’s wireless chargers for some years now but this new one that has been spotted may be the first one to be portable and unplugged. The newest one from the Nordmärke Qi charger line is the first one that can juice up your Qi-powered devices without needing it to be plugged into a wall outlet. This means you will be able to bring it wherever with you if you need to wirelessly charge your supported device.

German website mobiFlip talks about the new Nordmärke Qi charger that seems to be showing up in some parts of the country but isn’t available yet on the website. Basically, this new product is a charging pad that can power up Qi-supported devices. It has a built-in 6,500mAh battery that can charge your smartphone at 5W which isn’t very fast at all. But in case you need power at the moment, then that should be good enough.

The device doesn’t come with a power adaptor or a USB cable so you’ll have to get your own to charge it when it runs out. A lot of people may have some extra ones lying around so that shouldn’t be a problem. Charging is done via USB-C so you can use your phone’s charger for that probably. The good news is that the internal battery of the charger is user-replaceable so just in case you need to, you can easily change it.

There is no official word from IKEA yet about this new device although we can probably confirm it’s real since people in Germany were able to buy it and some have posted on Reddit. Hopefully, it will also become available elsewhere. While of course you can always get a portable battery or power bank that can charge your device faster compared to its 5W juice, some prefer charging wirelessly now and especially if you can do it on the go.

The user was able to buy the Nordmärke Qi charger for 20 euros or around $22. In case it becomes officially available on the website or in other countries, we’ll let you know since we’ll probably have more details about it as well.


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