There are no shortages of external controllers for Android devices for things like gaming and other needs. A new controller is now up for pre-order called the iKazoo and it is called the most versatile entertainment assistant ever. The controller is able to function as a voice, breath, or touch controller for Android devices.

The controller features a bi-directional Bluetooth transceiver that connects the device to your Android gadget wirelessly. The iKazoo is built on the Arduino platform and has integrated optical and motion sensors. That means that gamers can use the controller to play their favorite game by moving around.

Interestingly, the iKazoo does require any device that it is used with to have a built-in camera. That means it will connect to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. According to the manufacturer of the device, all user has to do is hold the controller in front of their device and the controller will automatically sync with their gadget.

The project is on Indiegogo seeking the funds to come to the real world right now. To pre-order device a pledge $135 will get you a version of the iKazoo that has a “smart writer cap” allowing it to be used as a stylus. The basic version of the iKazoo sells for $79.

[via Ubergizmo]