Android in your Kitchen? Ikan has a device that builds a shopping list from items you scan or input before disposing of them. Place this on the counter or mount it near the trash can and it will help you keep track of everything you need to replace when you go grocery shopping.

It features a 7-inch touch screen, WiFi integration, and voice input capability. The stand is adjustable and it has a barcode scanner for you to add items to your list, there should be an option to add items manually without scanning them. Once the item has been scanned, it’s sent to your mobile phone or directly to an online grocery retailer’s shopping cart, providing they support Ikan. You can include your favorite retailer app and view specials, recipes, promotions, and more from etc. right from their kitchen or Android phone. Personally I don’t see a need for this other than it looks cool, you can do the same thing with any of the Note taking apps in the Market. This does makes it more convenient but a $400 price tag may put this out of reach for most of us.

[via androidguys]