With just five days left to go before the Kickstarter campaign for OUYA comes to a close, OUYA has announced a new partnership with radio streaming service iHeartRadio. Previously, the OUYA team revealed that the console will offer streaming games through OnLive, and now it sounds the multimedia onslaught is nearly complete thanks to this new deal with iHeartRadio. Now we just need OUYA to announce partnerships with the likes of Hulu Plus and Netflix and we’ll be set.

Writing in an update on OUYA’s Kickstarter page, iHeartRadio discussed what this partnership means for OUYA users. iHeartRadio will allow users to tune into over 1,000 different radio stations across the country through their OUYA, ranging from rock to college stations. Users also have the ability to create their own commercial-free custom radio stations, and iHeartRadio claims that it has over 14,000 songs to pick from while making your perfect playlist. Essentially, it’ll be the same service you can already get on mobile devices and Xbox 360, except with OUYA the iHeartRadio team is promising an HTML 5 app made especially for large screen formats.

Not too bad, OUYA. Between these streaming announcements, the reveal that Rodomodo’s Human Element prequel will be an OUYA exclusive, and Square Enix’s announcement that Final Fantasy III will be a launch day title, OUYA has some pretty serious names backing it up. Things are definitely beginning to take shape as the Kickstarter winds down, and it looks like the OUYA team will have more than enough money by the time everything is said and done.

To be a little more precise, OUYA’s Kickstarter page shows an incredible $6,548,055 raised at the time of this writing, and with the better part of a week left to go, there’s a chance that number may cross the $7 million mark. After the Kickstarter closes, OUYA will have to prove that it can make it in the highly competitive gaming market, and some don’t think it can. Here’s hoping that everything works out for the best with OUYA, because even though we have our reservations, the Android-based console does sound like a great idea.

[via SlashGear]