One almost certain truth in life is that when children hit a certain age (puberty for some, pre-puberty for others), they will start ignoring your text messages and calls. One mother did not want any other parents to go through that and so she created an app that would “force” children to pay attention to the digital summons of their parents.

Ignore No More is an app that claims it can give you control over your children’s phones, well at least until they are of age. If for example they refuse to answer “urgent” text messages or repeatedly not pick up their phones when you’re calling them, then you can lock their phones and they will not be able to do anything with it until they actually call you back. Only then will the phone remotely unlock. The app has to be installed in both the parent phone and the children’s phones in order for it to work.

It is a devious way of controlling your children (in fact some would claim it’s a violation of their rights) but desperate parents would welcome this kind of control. However, it seems like the early feedback from those who’ve purchased and been using it is not all that positive. Even as the developer claims that this app “cannot be disabled”, there have been several complaints that the children could easily disable it and that there are devices that aren’t compatible with the app. Some have discovered also that you need ICE in order for it to work, but there are some phones out there that do not have that feature.

But if you’re confident enough that your child doesn’t have the capability of disabling a “sophisticated” app like this, you can purchase Ignore No More for $1.99 “per phone” from the Google Play Store. If you use the same Google account for different phones, then it would still work as just one phone. Now, the only challenge would be if your kids are more tech-savvy than you and how you can circumvent that in order to properly use Ignore No More.

VIA: SlashGear