If you’ve gotten used to all the IFTTT (If This Then That, for the uninitiated) triggers that you use related to Gmail, then your happy days are almost over. When Gmail finally implements the changes to their API ecosystem on March 31 (that they let developers know late last year), this will affect all the applets and triggers that IFTTT users have been using for the past years. The good news is that Gmail will allow two actions to remain even after March 31.

Here’s a bit of background on IFTTT and their relationship with the services that people use. They started out owning their services, actions, and triggers but when they launched the IFTTT Platform, this means that the services and even old integrations are now owned and maintained by companies like Google, Facebook, etc, as it concerns their products. So when said company make major changes to their API, then it affects IFTTT services as well.

Because Gmail is making big changes to their API ecosystem, it would have required “massive refactoring” within the IFTTT platform. And so after a back and forth with the Google team, they have decided to just retain two actions that would not require them to make infrastructure changes. These two actions are “Send an email” and “Send yourself an email”. But all other triggers, including the “Create a draft” action, will not be functional anymore after March 31.

Google decided to limit third-party apps access to your Gmail data late last year as several security breaches affecting Gmail users were detected. Starting March 31, only those third-party apps that are related to enhancing email functionality will be granted API access. Unfortunately, that does not include IFTTT.