There had been a recent IFTTT sighting for Android, though at the time that was limited to a private beta group. But there is a bit of good news this morning; IFTTT has officially launched for Android. The app is available for free and can be found in the Google Play Store.

For those not as familiar, IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. It allows you to make something happen automatically. You create Recipes that work on the If This, Then That principle. Basically, you choose the “this” and the recipe will automatically trigger the “then that” aspect. You can think of IFTTT as a sort of trigger system.

We’ve always said IFTTT is somewhat limited by your imagination. Of course, you do have to keep your imagination set within the Channels offered by IFTTT. In the case of the Android app you’ll have Channels based on location, notifications, and device settings as well as images, phone calls and text messages.

Some basic examples here include automatically saving images, or adjusting a setting when you enter a certain location. Taking that last bit a step further and you could use IFTTT to automatically turn WiFi off when you leave your home. Or alternatively, have it turn on when you enter your office or favorite coffee shop. A few other potential uses include automatically changing your device wallpaper, or automatically sending an email or text message.


*The app is on the process of rolling out, so this Google Play Store link may not be active just yet.



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