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Geeks always turn to iFixit to know more about their gadgets. We always look forward to iFixit posts because they can be pretty helpful. The website shares practical tips for fixing things and more. Good news for iFixit followers, most of us Android users, as iFixit now has its very own Android portal. This special area features everything about fixing and repairing your Android gadgets from smartphones to tablets, wearables, as well as, TV and Video.

The Android portal aims to bring effective service and repair for your favorite Android device. Not all models are covered yet but there are already hundreds (about 250) of guides for repairs available. If needed, you can also purchase phone parts for the more popular mobile devices in the market today from iFixit.

iFixit has started working with technical writing students from 40 universities around America to finish writing more Android repair guides. In the future, more partnerships can be expected and iFixit seems determined to add more useful information as possible.

Aside from Android phones and tablets, repair information and guide for wearables, specifically the Android Wear-powered devices are available on the Android Repair portal. Helpful tips and repair guides for Google TV, Chromecast, or Nexus Q are ready. If you know Android that well, can write, and have extra money to buy a phone to donate to iFixit, then go on and help the iFixit team with whatever those guys need. Every help is valuable to make the Android world a better place.

Check out iFixit Android Repair page HERE

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SOURCE: iFixit