Smart homes and devices aren’t just stuff of sci-fi and futuristic shows and movies anymore. The past years have seen various brands, devices, apps, and services becoming more available so that we can actually build that connected home we’ve always dreamed about. iDevices is one such brand in the connected home industry and their latest announcement is that their products now have support for Google Assistant, completing their compatibility trifecta for the most popular smart home platforms currently available.

In fact, they may be the first or at least one of the few brands that have support for the Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and now, the addition of Google Assistant. If you are more of the Google kind of person and you have a Google Home voice-enabled speaker, then you will be able to command parts of your house, like saying “Ok Google, turn off the lights” before you go to bed. This bodes well for the brand as they are one of the pioneers when it comes to cross-platform compatibility.

Some of iDevice’s newest products include the Wall Switch, Dimmer Switch, and Wall Outlet, all of which want to “integrate seamlessly and invisibly into users’ worlds.” It is also the company’s vision that these products will be updated regularly since they are “designed to evolve.” They also want to dispel the notion that having a smart home is complicated and the products that they release are simple, helpful, and ultimately useful.

To set up Google Assistant for iDevices, you would first need to download the iDevices Connected app and then enable Google Assistant in the settings section of the app. Users will then have to enable the iDevices services in the Google Home app so that all available products will be linked.

SOURCE: iDevices