The latest IDC quarterly update has arrived. This time around we are seeing details on smartphone shipments from the first quarter of 2014 and it looks like Samsung has remained firmly in the top position. In fact, Samsung is shown as having 30.3 percent of the market share.

That equates to 85 million in terms of shipments. But interestingly, while Samsung is still sitting in the top position — their overall market share dropped slightly with shipments having increased (as compared to Q1 2013). Looking back to the Samsung numbers from Q1 2013 and we saw a market share of 31.9 percent with 69.7 million in terms of shipments.

Jumping back to the present quarter/year and the remaining companies in the top five include Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG. Those four have 15.5, 4.9, 4.6 and 4.4 percent of the market share respectively. There is also the “others” category which accounts for the remaining 40.5 percent. As compared to the 85 million in shipments we saw from Samsung; Apple had 43.7, Huawei had 13.7, Lenovo had 12.9 and LG had 12.3.

Looking ahead and we see IDC forecasting smartphone shipments reaching 1.2 billion in 2014. This would be an increase over the 1.0 billion that shipped in 2013, which makes for a 19.3 percent year-over-year growth. IDC suggests this growth will be attributed to market expansion, as well as new models. They mention needing to watch Apple’s entry into China and Nokia’s Android powered X-series as well as other acquisitions.

VIA: The Next Web