The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) report mentions how worldwide tablet shipments have continued to surge. According to the numbers, that surge would translate into a 142.4 percent year-over-year growth. Looking at that growth in another way, tablet shipments for the first quarter of 2013 are sitting at 49.2 million, which is more then the entire first half of 2012. Shifting away from the overall picture of the market and into specifics such as top vendors and top operating systems and things are looking slightly familiar.

Basically, that is to say Apple is still sitting as the top vendor and Android is still sitting as the top operating system. After Apple, the vendors move into Samsung, ASUS, Amazon and Microsoft. With these we have Apple with 19.5 million, Samsung with 8.8 million, ASUS with 2.7 million, Amazon with 1.8 million and Microsoft with 0.9 million. These are the numbers that account for the previously mentioned 49.2 million shipments for Q1 2013.

These millions of tablet shipments have Apple sitting with 39.6 percent of the overall market and Samsung with 17.9 percent of the overall market. Similar to how Samsung is a decent step down from Apple — ASUS, Amazon and Microsoft all take a significant step down from Samsung with 5.5 percent, 3.7 percent and 1.8 percent respectively. Moving away from the vendors and into the place we think the Android fans will appreciate a bit more, Android tablets currently have 56.5 percent of the market.

That is up from 39.4 percent of the market during the first quarter of 2012. Android had 27.8 million shipments in Q1 2013 and 8.0 million shipments in Q1 2012, which accounts for a year-over-year growth of 247.5 percent. Apple (iOS) on the other hand has seen a 65.3 percent year-over-year growth, which had them going from 11.8 million shipments in Q1 2012 up to 19.5 million shipments in Q1 2013. On the flip side, given the growth of Android tablets, the iOS tablet market share has dropped from 58.1 percent in Q1 2012 to 39.6 percent for Q1 2013. Rounding out the top five for operating systems and we see Windows with 3.3 percent, Windows RT with 0.4 percent and ‘others’ with 0.2 percent of the market share for the quarter.

[via IDC]


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