So you know that little piece of magic called “iControlPad” that we’ve been discussing at length over at SlashGear and recently (September recently) found out would work with Android devices via BlueTooth? Well today there’s a fabulous photo of this excellent piece of equipment holding a Nokia phone (looks like a Nokia N8) – and what do you know, a quick search through the OpenPandora forums reveals a big batch of photos of tests confirming the iControlPads ability to hold different phones! Hooray!

Get yourself to gaming. Once this controller becomes widely available, you’ll be able to jam your phone right in there, playing all your favorite games the way the gods intended them to be played – with four buttons, a control pad, and two thumbsticks. Kinda looking like that PlayStation phone that’s about to come out, yes? Looks sassy. The fun/terrible/wonderful thing about this whole situation is the creators willingness to tell you to “hack” (aka cut pieces off of) your controller in order to allow your device to fit. On the other hand, they do mention:

We’re hoping we will need a maximum of 3 sets to hold almost every popular phone. We did look at making some kind of elasticated/screw based holding device but it’s a messy solution – we don’t want the risk of phones falling out. We’re already looking to make a clamp now for the most popular android phones, it should be neat and tidy and solid.

The big list they’ve got going for the one clamp they’ve got so far is thus:

Touch based phones which fit:

iphone 3 (iOS Phone)
iphone 3G (iOS Phone)
original iPhone (iOS Phone)
iphone 3GS (iOS Phone)
Motorola Backflip (needs padding) (Android Phone)
Lg Optimus S (Android phone)
Lg Ally (Android phone)
ipod touch 8GB (metal back) (requires padding) (iOS Phone)
Blackberry Torch (RIM OS phone)
Samsung Intercept (may require adjustment) (Android phone)
Motorola Backflip
Lg Optimus S
Lg Ally
Motorola Backflip
Blackberry Torch
Samsung Intercept

Do not fit (oh noes!):

Motorola Droid – too long, end clamp doesn’t fit.
HTC/Sprint EVO: much too large in all dimensions
Samsung Transform
Samsung Fascinate
Motorola Droid
HTC Evo 4G
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid 2
Samsung Captivate
Sanyo Zio
Samsung Epic 4G
Droid Incredible Almost fits. A little too long. Could be sanded down/dremel tooled to fit.

AND they’re on a schedule for production that puts a release date somewhere more than likely around Q1 2011:

Anyway, the iCP, where are we? Well we’re trying to mass produce it at the worst time of year, and since I don’t want to take orders before we have the goods in hand the page isn’t up yet, however the time is close, so there will be a page where you can register but we won’t be asking for any payment yet.

As with the previous cable based version we want to time the ordering with press reviews and we’re only just getting enough units to send out to the press and developers now. It’s possible we might take some orders just before that time for people who read this forum so you can be at the front of the queue. (and as a thank you for sticking with us).

We had to have the case moulds slightly modified due to the BT switch and the results are fantastic, this is a very professional looking product in the flesh. — Craigix

Below you’ll see several photos, the first few being taken by Craigix and posted via twitter, the one showing a bunch of parts lying on a carpet originally having the words “these are the first units being assembled for developers and reviews” below it. You’ll also see the control pad bottom by itself and the photo of the control pad with clamps holding an iPhone. Other than that, you’ll see many of the phones listed above pictured with the first build either fitting nicely, being a little bit snug, or just outright not fitting at all (if it appears the right side of the clamp is detached, more than likely it is.) Once they get all the different clamps back from the shop things are going to be wacky exciting!

[Via @Craigix]