Verizon has finally dropped some information about the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for both the Motorola DROID Bionic and the LG Lucid. Of course, we heard earlier in the month that the ICS update for the Bionic was in testing, but today we know we’re getting close to release. Verizon hasn’t announced an actual release date for this Ice Cream Sandwich update yet, but with the support documents now up on the carrier’s website, it can’t be too much longer before Ice Cream Sandwich is in the hands on eager Bionic users.

The LG Lucid is another story entirely, though. The Ice Cream Sandwich update will be hitting the Lucid starting tomorrow, and it’ll be going out over the air, meaning that the updating process will be about as hands-off as possible. Like the Bionic, support documentation for the Lucid’s update has gone live on Verizon’s website, detailing all of the new features users can expect when Ice Cream Sandwich eventually lands on their phone.

With the Lucid, some of the things Verizon focuses on are the customizable lock screen, the launch bar on the homescreen, the enhanced notifications panel, and the ability to create folders. It’s much the same with the support documentation for the Bionic, so users of both phones will be in for some exciting new features when these updates begin rolling out. It’s worth pointing out that after these updates are applied, the Lucid will support FOTA updates, while Bionic users will have new versions of a bunch of apps at their disposal, including Amazon Kindle and Motorola Smart Actions.

So, sit tight, Lucid and Bionic users, as Ice Cream Sandwich will be headed your way soon. As we said earlier, the Lucid will begin getting Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, while it may take a few days before the OTA update for the Bionic makes an appearance. Keep it tuned right here to Android Community – we’ll let you know when Ice Cream Sandwich begins rolling out to the DROID Bionic!


  1. I just got my Ice Cream Sandwich for my Droid earlier this afternoon. I’m not part of the soak test. I’m in the Bronx, BTW.

  2. I have tired a few times to download the new software update and it keeps telling me that there is a server error. How should i go about getting the software to download?


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