Google Now may be facing competition from one of the more robust knowledge engines around. Siri may have some snappy answers to silly questions, but IBM has Watson, and they’re ready to let Developers use it. Of course, there are some caveats, but the upside is also pretty big.

Watson will now be available via an API for the Watson Developer Cloud. That API is the same for everyone, large or small. Of course, accessing Watson also means Developers can open themselves up to the Watson Content Store, which is “intended to be a clearinghouse of information presenting a unique opportunity for content providers to engage a new channel and bring their data to life in a whole new way.” That means it’s collective, which means Developers should be a little cautious when it concerns personal data.

Currently, Watson is best served as an enterprise solution, and uses data compiled to learn. When used as a backend solution for inventory management, Watson can learn the movement of product and inform users of product levels and suggest a better ordering methodology. In that respect, Watson has nearly cornered the market.

Watson may not have intrinsic consumer avenues right now, but underestimating its power is not advised. This is the brain that won Jeopardy, and continues to learn and acquire knowledge. Cognitive reasoning and contextual data are a perfect mix when considering solutions like Watson or Google Now. Who has the best solution is still debatable, but they could be on a collision course.