Could 2016 be the year of smart devices? That’s what a lot of geeks think, what with all the announcements lately involving smart home products being prepped for next year’s launch. Even Samsung is getting further by developing a bio-processor while LG just rolled out a new SmartThinQ Hub. We can expect more and smarter products to be unveiled but for now, let’s focus our attention on the few things that we know.

Take for example this Indiegogo project, a smart case that is described to change the way we use smartphones. As if there aren’t enough new features and services available, this particular phone case is said to add more functions and capabilities to a mobile device. How? By adding Smartblades.

Called as the i-BLADES Smartcase, the special concept phone case can be updated by changing the Smartblades. We’re guessing the idea came from the modular phone technology but instead of the actual phone, the designers just decided to work on the protective case. It’s actually easier because it’s as if you’re just adding new accessories to your beloved smartphone.

The smart case can provide extra battery, more memory, and more storage. The idea is for the I-BLADES Smartcase to improve smartphone performance without having to buy a new device. There’s already similar efforts to enhance protective phone covers in the past but they are limited to improving the design or putting extra battery. Since the smart device game is getting smarter each day, it’s about time that geeks develop a protective case that is not only beautifully designed or made robust, but also smarter and more powerful. It’s not enough that a phone case is pretty or ready for rough use, it must be “smart” as well.

Feel free to support that i-BLADES Smartcase by sending in your donation to reach the $30,000 fund goal. As of this writing, over $3,200 have been raised from 80 backers with 33 days more left before the deadline.

SOURCE: Indiegogo