Automobile makers Hyundai and Kia are trying to lay claim to the title of being the world’s first automakers to include an Android-based navigation system in its upcoming and future models very soon. Although it sounds quite ambitious and somewhat vague, if all goes according to their plans, we might be seeing such cars by the end of the year.

The concept of “smart” cars are nothing new, and many car manufacturers are already advertising features that revolve around iOS, so this latest bit of rumor sort of evens out the field. These won’t be autonomous driving cars, neither full nor partial, and will simply be equipped with navigation systems that will come either pre-installed in future cars or offered as an upgrade option after purchase.

Details of this so called Android AVN system, for audio video navigation, are a bit unclear at this point. What is certain is that users will be able to connect their Android devices to the car to get access to apps and entertainment feature. There is mention of the system having its own app store, but it is unknown if it will be including Google Play Store. Users will also supposedly be able to control the car remotely over WiFi or modem connection, but the feature is quite vague. Not to mention scary, when you seriously think about security and safety concerns.

There is no concrete timetable for cars that will be equipped with the Android-based navigation system, but the automakers are expected to add this feature to new cars to be released next year. Media reports also speculate that the Android AVN system will make its debut with new the Hyundai Genesis and Kia Soul slated to launch later this year.

VIA: Android Authority