Especially if you live in a big, bustling city, silence nowadays is a luxury that we seldom get to enjoy. Yes, you can plug in to your earphones or headphones, but after a while, it gets uncomfortable on your ears or you may miss something important. A new device called Hush may just be the very first smart earplug that is easy on the ears and also useful other than keeping the noise out.

Normally ear plugs are more of a pain rather than a joy because of its design and composition. Hush has been designed with comfort in mind and with four elements to achieve this goal: memory foam to give it a “personalized” and secure fit, silicone padding to give ergonomic cushion for side sleepers, an angled design that follows your ear’s canal, and a curved exterior that will let you roll around while sleeping without losing it.

In terms of functionality, Hush is more than just a noise-canceling ear plug. When you’re power napping at the office or when you cannot disturb the person next to you with a loud alarm, your earplugs can be connected to your phone so you can set up the alarm for when you need to wake up. It can also play soothing sounds like white, brown, and pink noise, as well as ocean waves and rain. If you need to know when an important phone call comes through or a specific notification from an app, you can also set it up so your earplugs can let you know.

There is an app available on the Google Play Store where you can set up all of these functionality. There is still 27 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign, but they have more than reached their goal of $100,000. Estimated delivery is by January 2015. So until then, you need to be content with your normal, ordinary earplugs.

SOURCE: Kickstarter