In case you’ve never played Hungry Sharks 1 or 2 I’d highly recommend you give it a try, just don’t let your kids play it. It’s a exciting and fast paced game where you can control a shark and basically eat everything in your path. It may not sound all that fun but it gets pretty hard as time goes on and you start to get hungry and eventually die if you don’t eat enough. With fish, birds, jellyfish, and humans all in the water there is plenty to eat but it does run out. It is actually really amusing and a great way to pass the time, I’ve played both plenty.

The developers known as Future Games of London have announced that Hungry Sharks has recently passed its 6 millionth download for Android. With the huge success of the game they are proud to announce the latest version — Hungry Sharks part 3. The latest version brings many new features and enhancements as well as some stellar graphics and additional things to eat. They’ve added a lot of humans to the food chain and it looks to be lots of fun.


-Full use of Tilt controls + alternate touch controls
-An ocean full of food and enemies
-Combo eating bonuses
-Lost objects from the world above, find them all for big points
-Hi-score tables: Private and Global, Last 24hrs, Your Country
-Unlock achievements by completing 20+ new challenges!
-Supports Move2sd so you can free up space on your phone
-Large format support for Android Honeycomb Tablets

Also the more you eat the larger you become so navigation gets harder and you may end up starving your poor shark. It is not as easy as it looks I’ll tell you that much. One exciting new addition is the support for Android Honeycomb Tablets. You can now play Hungry Sharks on your Galaxy Tab or Asus Transformer and their gorgeous 10″ displays. Feel free to head over to the Android Market as Hungry Sharks part 3 is available now, or just click here.

[via FGOL]