If you’re looking to get some new platformer games to spend (waste) time on but you don’t want to spend so much, the new Humble Mobile Bundle should catch your attention. This new “epic platforms” package lets you have access to nine different games for just $5 or if you want to spend less (or actually more, since it’s for charity), you can pay what you want for the package. Either way, you get to play more games and that’s the best thing for a mobile gamer of course.

Actually, even if you just have $1 to spare, you will get three games valued at $7 – Devious Dungeon, Devious Dungeon 2, and Eggggg – The Platform Puker (sounds appetizing eh?). If you want to pay what you want, you have to beat the average ($4.81 as of writing) where you can get three more games – Gunbrick, RunGunJumpGun, and RETSNOM. But if you just want all 9 games in one go, you pay $5 upfront and you get those six, plus 3 more – Never Alone: Ki edition, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, and LIMBO.

All in all, the 9 games cost around $29, so by paying just $5, you get savings of $24. And even if you don’t like all of those 9 platformers, you will probably like at least 3 or hopefully more of them. Plus, if you didn’t know yet, the money you pay to Humble Bundle can be split among the developers, charities, or their tip jar. You get to decide how the money is split and that’s pretty awesome, even for just a few bucks.

Just a reminder, the games do not come with DRM and will only be installed on your compatible devices through an APK that you can download once you’ve paid. This mobile bundle will be available for two more weeks but after that, there will be a game or maybe even more added. So get your wallet or your piggy bank ready.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle