It looks like we have another Humble Bundle that has come available. Well, more specifically, it looks like there are two. There is the Humble Weekly Sale and also the Humble Mobile Bundle. This marks the first of the mobile bundle packs and we have some good news for those reading here — this one is all for Android users. The Humble Mobile Bundle has six games including Plants vs Zombies.

The remaining five games include The Room, Metal Slug 3, Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea and Bladeslinger. This bundle also includes five game soundtracks. As many will be familiar with, some of the items in the bundle will only be unlocked if you pay more than the current average (which is sitting at $5.45 at the moment).

The locked games are Metal Slug 3 and The Room. Of course, even if you were to pay $6, you are still only paying $1 per game which is not a bad deal. The process to pay is broken down into a few steps with the first being to choose how much you want to pay. After that you then decide how you want the money divided (between the developers and charity), enter your email address and finish with the payment.

Good games with some of the money going to a good cause. The charity portion includes the EFF and Child’s Play. Aside from the Android specific mobile bundle, there is also the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale which will is a name your price offering. This weekly sale is for Steam keys for Windows versions of Red Faction: Armageddon (and Path to War DLC) and Darksiders. Plus, those paying above the average will also get Steam keys for Windows versions of Red Faction: Guerrilla and the Darksiders II.

[via SlashGear]