Can’t get enough of Android games? Well here, have six more! Humble Bundle is offering three or six, depending on how much you want to pay for them, titles to keep you company while you whittle down the hours. And at a price of “pay what you want”, it’s a practical giveaway!

The usual Humbe Bundle system is, of course, at play here, no pun intended. You pay what you want for these games but, depending on how much you actually pay, the number of games you get differ. For the minimum amount, you get your hands on three games. Eliss Infinity turn your fingers into galactic gods, deciding the fate of planets by fusing them together or splitting them apart. Careful not to let same colors touch, though, or you’ll have a cosmic mess in your hands. Combo Crew Special Edition, which includes some unlockable content for free, is a cel-shaded fighting game that eschews virtual buttons and d-pads for more touch-friendly controls. Swipe and tap your way to combos and to glory. Making its Android debut, Duet Premium is a rather creatively unique game where you try your best to keep two dots, one red, one blue, out of harm’s way. The only problem is that these dots’ movements are constrained on the circle they’re on. The “Premium” in this Humble Bundle offer is no joke either, as the game comes with all unlocked content and even disables in-app purchasing to prove that point.

If you pay more than the average, however, you unlock even more games! At the front of the line is Threes!, the insanely addictive and intricately beautiful puzzle game that has mesmerized even usually hardcore gamers on their fancy Xbox Ones. Mines of Mars isn’t Minecraft on Mars, but this mining-themed RPG has its own enticing feature. Maps are procedurally created so that each time you play, you are greeted by a different one and a new gaming experience. Last but definitely not the least is Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, an RPG based on the gamebook series of the same name. The great news about this Humble Bundle offer? It contains both Acts 1 and 2 of the game, the latter of which is unlocked only after finishing the first one. But wait, there’s more! Acts 3 and 4, which are still in development, will be added to the game when they come out.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 will be around for two weeks, so there’s really no need to rush. That said, the average to beat, which now only stands at $4.28 as of this writing, rises ever so slightly as each day passes, so it might be wise to get in early. One other advantage of paying more than the average is that you get access to future titles that will be added to this bundle. And based on the dozens of bundles that have gone before it, that will happen here too.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle


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