The people at Humble Bundle have now given us their 19th mobile bundle, and they’re probably not done yet. They’re going to keep taking what you pay for these game bundles and keep giving them to charity, because that’s what they do. You should keep buying from them, too, because these are good deals, and Humble Mobile Bundle 19 is no exception.

For this mobile bundle, you will be given DRM-free game installers exclusively for Android as per usual. If you pay USD$1.00 or more, you get Chameleon Run, Ys Chronicles II, and the award-winning Hitman GO puzzle game. All of these are already worth more than the dollar you will be spending.


If you pay more than the average – which is at USD$4.87 at time of writing – you also get Punch Club and Super Stickman Golf 3 Premium to add to the three games you already got. Of course, there is the surprise of other additional games to be added if you pay in this group.

Lastly, pay USD$6.00 or more to get all of that, plus Dropsy and The Banner Saga. The total cost of these games is around USD$33.00, so you’ll be getting these at a wonderful discount. Check out the source link if you want to make the purchase.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle