The latest iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle has arrived, and once again, its indie game goodness is being offered on Android. As with past bundles, the Humble Indie Bundle for Android 3 (which is a ridiculous name) lets buyers name their own price on a collection of indie games. A customizable portion of your purchase price goes to charity, so not only do you get a handful of excellent indie games on the cheap, but you also get to feel good about giving some money where it’s truly needed.

This time around, Humble Indie Bundle fans are being offered Fieldrunner, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem and Uplink. Paying more than the average (which currently sits at $6.04) will net you a copy of Spirits, and all of these games come complete with soundtracks, which are available in MP3 or FLAC format. Not too bad for newcomers to the promotion, but Humble Bundle veterans will definitely recognize a few games featured in this particular pack.

Of course, these games are also playable on Windows, Mac and Linux, so you’re not restricted to just Android if you opt to purchase this latest Humble Bundle. This particular bundle might seem a little light on offerings at first, but like most other promotions in the past, we’re expecting the Humble Bundle folks to add more games as bonuses to those who pay more than the average later on down the road. For now, however, check out the five games that are on offer in the Humble Indie Bundle for Android 3 trailer below.

Most of the past Humble Bundles have managed to raise ridiculous amounts of money for the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play charity. There are some excellent indie gems included in this bundle, so we’re expecting this one to do the same. The Humble Indie Bundle for Android 3 will be available for almost exactly two weeks, and so far it’s managed to raise over $100,000, despite how early it is. Stay tuned, because this is sure raise a ton of cash.

[via SlashGear]