The Humble Bundle has grown to be one of the things we love about the internet community, where you can pay what you want for a bundle of products – usually very nice stuff, for a price that you dictate, the definition of a very good deal. Humble Bundle is back today offering up to nine Android games from Noodlecake Studios.

The more premium and popular game titles include Devious Dungeon, Tower Dwellers, and Mikey Boots, where you have to give more than the average payments (as of writing, at around USD$6.50) to get them. Pay more than USD$8.00 and you get the Wayward Souls and Wave Wave 2.0.


If you just want to pay the minimum, you’ll still get Polymer, Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork, Pumped BMX 2, and Super Stickman Golf 2 in your bundle. Pretty cool, right?

Head on over to the source link to jump in on the action right now. Tel us your favorite of the lot in the comments section.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle


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