This week, the guys at Humble Bundle are giving us “eye candy” games – game apps that are rendered so visually arresting and aesthetically pleasing. As always, the rules of any regular Humble Bundle applies if you want to get some of these beautifully rendered games – pay what you want (after a fashion), and be secure in the fact that most of the money these guys are raising are going to charities.

Humble Bundle has retained the “pay USD$1.00 or more” for the first group of games with great graphics – these include “Haunt the House: Terrortown”, “Botanicula”, and “Deep Under the Sky”. Remember that these are all DRM-free Android games, and you can just download the installers and install them after you’ve made the purchase.


In the “pay more than the average” group of games, you also get “Fearless Fantasy”, “Dark Echo”, and “Jelly Defense”, with the usual promise of more games to be added to this group. The average right now, as of time of writing is at USD$3.99.

Please note that if you get all of these at normal prices, you’d probably be spending over USD$30.00. So why don’t you use that plastic and spend around USD$4.00 for these games? Head on over to the source link below if you’re interested.

[UPDATE] Humble Bundle has added has added the games “Odd Bot Out” and “Doggins” to the pay-more-than-the-average group. The average amount is still at USD$3.99.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle