While this week’s Humble Bundle features very little in Android stuff, it does have one gem in it. This week’s bundle contains YoYo Games’ “GameMaker: Studio” Android Export module. GameMaker: Studio is software for novice to expert level game developers who want to put out games and apps. And this week, its Android export module is up for grabs.

GameMaker: Studio is one of the best software development suites out there because of its flexibility and relatively easy learning curve. If you’re an entry-level developer or a seasoned game development professional, you’ll still appreciate what this suite has to offer – which allows you to create cross-platform games in record time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional tools. Check out the video below for more GameMaker: Studio info.

The Android Export Module of GameMaker: Studio is a USD$300 value add on to the suite, which will allow you to export your apps to the Android platform. This week’s Humble Bundle includes this module if you pay USD$12.00, which is a total steal for you.

Oh, and did we mention, your 12 bucks will also get you a bunch of Windows PC games, some with their source code included for developers. It’s a gaming win-win all around. Check out the source link below if you’re interested in this bundle.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle


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