Humble Bundle is out now with its thirteenth bundle, and it’s a good one for Android and PC gamers (ok, and Linux as well). It’s a bundle of games that you can either get for Android, or for PC, or for both. And some more good news, it looks like the “pay what you want” scheme is now back.

We were kind of disappointed when the guys at Humble Bundle started putting a USD$1.00 price limit on what used to be the “pay what you want” group. For the past two bundles, the limit was there – but we’re glad to tell you that the limit is gone, sort of. You still have to pay at least $1 for Steam keys, but the regular download installers are available without the limit.


For the “pay what you want” part of the bundle, you get games debuting on Android – Crimsonland, Neverending Nightmares, and Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, plus Fotonica. If you pay more than the average – which is at USD$2.80 at this point – you will get Tiny Keep, Crown Takers, and Monster Loves You, with the usual promise of additional games after a while.

Humble Bundle keeps its promise of giving part of the earnings to specific charities. For this bundle, it’s the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Red Cross. Head on over to the bundle via the source link below.

[UPDATE] Additions to the “pay more than the average” group are “Secret of the Magic Crystals”, “Strata”, and “Doodle God”.


SOURCE: Humble Bundle