The latest Humble Bundle game pack has arrived. This one sits as the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 pack, and as the name would suggest — it features games that are compatible with the PC and Android. More specifically, with Steam and Android.

Having said that, those looking to play on Steam will want to check the compatibility as some are redeemable on Windows, Mac and Linux while some are only for Windows. The games included in Humble Bundle 10 are Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, Galcon Legends, Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunners 2 and Breach & Clear. There is also the promise of “more coming soon.”

As many are aware — purchasing the bundle and getting these games comes down to what you are willing to pay. The bundle is said to contain $99 worth of games, but as always, you can choose to pay what you want. Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC and Galcon Legends all come with any price point. Those who pay above the average (currently at $4.87) will get the remaining four games (and any that are unlocked later).

These games are all DRM-free and grabbing this bundle is as easy as following a few steps listed on the Humble Bundle website. This includes choosing how much you want to pay and how you would like to split your payment (between the developers, charity and a Humble Tip). From there it is just a matter of entering your email address and letting them know whether this is a gift.

Bottom line here, another Humble Bundle is available for your gaming pleasure.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle