While Android may not be the highest name on the totem when it comes to media consumption, especially for streaming media, we know that it’s going to change in the near future. With Netflix on the way, eventually, another heavy hitter in the market that people have been clamoring for is Hulu, and now it’s been officially unveiled that the video streaming service is on its way to Android.

During the Samsung conference, the company’s CEO revealed that Hulu is currently working on bringing their subscription-based service, known as Hulu Plus, to Google’s mobile Operating System. Unfortunately, it’s just an initial announcement. The service will be made available to Android devices running Android 2.2 or later in the coming months.

[via Hulu]


  1. I think the smartphone market is turning out to be a Google vs. Apple show. Nobody else is really standing out. I doubt the Windows phone will do much, but I’m interested to see what the market share for smartphones will be in the next 2-3 years. I bet Google has a huge chunk of it by then (I mean much larger than it is now).


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