Today, Hulu is extending the reach of its remote control app for Android, and iOS, to more targets. With the most recent update, users will be able to control what’s playing from their Hulu account right on their PlayStation 3 or 4 or Xbox One.

The Hulu Plus Android app is getting more and more talented at throwing content over to remote devices. Last October, after a few months of waiting, Chromecast and Hulu added support for the HDMI dongle, allowing users to take advantage of Google’s hot little device. Now a few more devices are added to the officially sanctioned list, in the form of the gaming consoles you might already have sitting in your living room.

The way it works is dead simple. Simple open the app, select the content you want to watch and sit back and relax as it plays on your big screen via your choice of current, or in the case of the PS3, previous, gen console. No wires, no fuss. Can’t get any simpler than that.

The whole setup requires, aside from a Hulu Plus account of course, that the user is logged in on Hulu Plus on Android as well as on Hulu Plus on the console using the same account. The Hulu Plus Android app is available for free on Google Play Store in any region supported by the service.

Download: Hulu Plus on Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear