Hulu has set up a new landing page on its website that may or may not be the feature you are looking for. Users who will be navigating to via their smartphone or tablet web browser will now be able to view clips of some of their favorite TV shows for free.

Whereas before, visiting users will simply be shown a page with instructions for downloading the Hulu Plus mobile app, as well as signing up for a paid subscription, of course, now they will be greeted with a choice to instantly watch top clips such as select episodes from Jimmy Kimmel, The Daily Show, The Voice, Grimm, Family Guy, and other shows available on Hulu. One can even select videos to see by category. And, of course, there’s the ever-present option to share to the world the free clip you are watching via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

The mobile version of the website is said to look and behave pretty much like a native mobile app, sporting familiar navigation tools, like the triple bar “hamburger” menu icon that brings up a navigation menu on the side. It’s quite commendable how Hulu has made the effort to make the experience as similar with its mobile app. But there will be no confusing the two, as users will be presented with an option to upgrade to Hulu Plus.

And upgrade they might want to, as this new feature is simply just a teaser of what Hulu fully provides, for a price. The clips provided for free are just segments of the episodes, so visitors might wish to sign up for an actual account if they want to experience the whole shebang. Hulu is defintely not planning on offering full-length episodes on mobile outside of its Hulu Plus app any time soon.

VIA: TechCrunch