In what seems to be a “Suck it Netflix!” move, streaming service Hulu has changed its pricing for some of its plans, and it’s a good news-bad news situation. If you’re a subscriber to their basic plan then it’s good news as they will be cutting $2 off your monthly subscription. But if you’re more the Live TV subscriber, then it’s bad news as you’ll see a $5 price increase soon. No reason was given for the price change but it may have been a weird response to the recent Netflix price hike.

Hulu probably saw this is an opportunity to get new subscribers who were not happy with the Netflix news. The basic plan, which gives you video on demand but with ads, was previously priced at $7.99 but as soon as the price change takes effect, you will only have to pay $5.99. This means it will be $3 cheaper than Netflix’s base plan which will be increasing to $8.99 per month.

But it looks like their Hulu + Live TV subscribers will be bearing the brunt of this price cut. The new monthly subscription for this plan will increase to $44.99 giving it a $5 price bump. This means it’s now $5 more expensive than its competitors like YouTube which is only $40 per month and Sling TV’s most expensive package which is also $40. There are no new features to warrant this increase so users will probably not be too pleased.

Hulu’s other subscription, the video on demand without ads, will still be $11.99 per month which will be almost at par with Netflix’s most popular plan which will become $12.99 soon. The Hulu pricing changes will take into effect by February 26 if you’ll sign up after that day. For existing customers, the changes will reflect on the first billing cycle after that day.

So current Hulu subscribers, specifically those on the Live TV plan, will you still continue subscribing even with this price increase?

VIA: SlashGear