With the return of your favorite fall TV shows and discovering new ones to add to your list, you may be looking for a streaming service to help you watch TV when you want to. Hulu is a good, viable option particularly since they have several next-day on-demand network shows, as well as several original programs (some award-winning ones at that). And to further entice you, they are offering a $2 discount on their less expensive plan for new subscribers or those who are thinking about re-signing with the service.

Hulu’s entry-level plan, which includes full commercials to interrupt your viewing, is usually priced at $7.99. But from now until January 9, 2018, you can get it at $5.99. The discount will only apply if you’re a new subscriber or if you canceled your previous subscription but you’re now changing your mind. If you prefer the more expensive but commercial-free plan, you have to pay $11.99 per month but it seems like there’s no discount available.

While Netflix is still arguably the most popular of the streaming on-demand services, their recent price increase did not sit well with a lot of people. Hulu also has an advantage in that it has a next-day episode streaming of several current shows. Aside from that, it also has canceled series, movies, and original content including the Emmy award-winning Handmaid’s Tale.

If you’re thinking about getting on Hulu or going back to Hulu, you have 2 months to decide before the $2 less offer expires.

VIA: SlashGear