HulloMail allows users to view their voicemail with a very simple easy to read interface. Much like Visual Voicemail for the iPhone, you can view your voicemail and choose which one you would like to without having to navigate through annoying menus and listening to voicemail you do not wish to listen to.

In the coming months many features will be added including, audio and name greetings that allow you to easily create your own personalized greeting. The HulloMail service will sync with your Gmail contacts allowing users to reply to voicemail with either a voice call, text message or email.

HulloMail is free to download from the Android Market and registration is simple. You can also have your voicemail converted to an MP3 file and send it directly to your IMAP4 email, MobileMe or Gmail inbox. Eventually they will integrate sync support for Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo mail.