If you’re up for a dungeon crawler that will throw you into a random room and say “good luck, hope you make it out of there alive”, then Rocketcat’s “Wayward Souls” is the game for you. It’s notoriously difficult, an easy game to get into but very hard to get past. Some people get challenged by these types of games, so yeah.

What most RPG and dungeon crawl gamers tend to do is to memorize bosses and skills that work effectively with each boss – pretty standard. But this strategy doesn’t work well with Wayward Souls, as the game changes with each playthrough. It’s more of your ability to adapt your character to new challenges.

There are six characters that you can choose from, and thirteen different area types, and you can grind through them all. It takes a special kind of skill and patience to actually get to the bosses, so bring your “A” game.

Noodlecake, the developers who are bringing this game to Android are charging USD$4.99 for the game, but it will increase USD$1.00 after every update. Paying for the game gets you through all the next updates – which Noodlecake promises there will be. They are planning to bring controller support, boss health bars, sync of game saves, and other helpful stuff – in this case it will pay to get in on the action pretty early. Check out the game at the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store