The problem that you have in navigating with an app-based map while driving is precisely the fact that the app resides in your smartphone and you’ll have to look down to your device and look away from the road when you have to check the map. This is why Android Auto was created, and apps such as Google Maps and Waze have voice prompts. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a heads-up display (HUD) like in a fighter plane’s cockpit, where an augmented reality display helps you drive?

That’s the idea behind HUDWAY Glass, which is now in Kickstarter crowdfunding mode to get your financial support for the product. It’s basically a translucent display mounted on your dashboard that displays navigation data on an augmented reality setup. The display gets its data from your smartphone.


There’s a proprietary app to run the process, and it provides navigation help, speedometer data, and other helpful information. The augmented reality navigation is especially helpful in anticipating turns and curves, as the app displays oncoming road data onto the HUD.

If this seems like a good project to you, back them up via Kickstarter. The campaign has already reached some of its financial goals, and only a few other backing options are available, but check out the source link below for more details.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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