Mozilla is working on new things related to augmented reality. The company has recently released a preview of ‘Hubs by Mozilla’. It’s an experiment that offers an immersive social experience right on a browser whether desktop or mobile. It’s easy to use: simply visit a link on the web to start interacting with other people. It will be a virtual and augmented reality experience that will be different every time you’re in.

We’ve heard of Mixed Reality before with the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro and the Google Tango but this one seems to be better. Hubs makes mixed reality more accessible to everyone without being limited to a few platforms or devices. With Mozilla, one can have greater access and better choices because the experiments can be accessed from the open web.

Hubs for Mozilla is built for the browser, for every device, for privacy, and for scaling. With the help of Firefox Reality, you can enjoy both augmented reality and virtual reality. You can build and live your mixed reality dreams and share them with people just with a link.

Every device is supported because WebVR is used as a standard format. It’s guaranteed private and secure and in the near future, it can be extended in many ways with new features and tools.

SOURCE: Mozilla, Mixed Reality Blog