Google is definitely serious about pushing the Android Go platform. The lighter version of Android is expected to be installed on more budget-friendly and mid-range devices that are due to be released this year. We’ve been saying Android Go phones will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2018 and true enough, we’ve seen a few already including the ZTE Tempo Go, Nokia 1, and the Alcatel 1X. These are inexpensive phones that can offer very basic Android mobile experience.

If you’re looking for a standard smartphone that can be used mainly for communication, research, and productivity, then you can check out the models we’ve mentioned earlier. You may also want to wait a few more weeks or months because we’re expecting more OEMs will make their own related announcements. Huawei is next with this Huawei Y5 Lite (2018) that runs on Android Go as per some firmware files that also list the Go apps available: Assistant Go, Gmail Go, LatinIMEGoogle Go (Gboard Go), Maps Go, Search Go, and YouTube Go.

There is no official announcement yet but we know the top Chinese mobile name will be rolling out a new phone that isn’t a premium flagship smartphone. It will be the first from Huawei to be powered by Android Go where those specially-optimized Go apps are ideal to work on.

The Huawei Y5 Lite 2018 is only just one Android Go Edition phone from the company. We believe the Chinese company will take advantage of this category and introduce more devices in the near future. We actually predict that the market will be saturated by them in the next few years or so.

Google already has Android 8.1 Oreo optimized for those low-specced devices so those Android Oreo Go Edition phones are expected to be released soon. As for the Huawei Y5 Lite (2018), the phone will be equipped with a MediaTek MT6737m processor, 854 × 480 resolution, dual SIM support, and camera with several image sensors (hi843, ov8856, gc2365, and hi259).

VIA: XDA Developers