Aside from the notch, we have a feeling AI–artificial intelligence–will be the other big thing. Several OEMs have already implemented the notch design since last year. Essential and Apple started it and other companies followed such as ASUS, Huawei, OPPO, and LG. When it comes to AI, we know Samsung and LG are adding some artificial intelligence. Now we’ve got information that even Huawei is venturing into the technology. Huawei’s AI may be even smarter or be “more human” as it can read emotions.

Huawei definitely knows how to make things better but we have yet to witness how the human interaction will be. The company is still working on the technology that will, hopefully, talk to people with some TLC–or should we say “feelings”. Okay, don’t expect a voice assistant that will whisper sweet nothings but one that will at least sound “more natural” and not really artificially or like a robot. Most voice assistants are “artificially intelligent” but since they are intelligent, it only means they can still be smarter. Huawei’s goal is to make conversations more interactive emotionally.

Aside from providing basic but important information, Huawei’s AI may be able to fulfill the emotional needs of the users. Huawei’s VP of software engineering Felix Zhang said, “We want to provide emotional interactions.”

This isn’t the first time Huawei is working on a related technology. Back in 2013, it launched a voice assistant, especially for the Chinese market. It now has 110 million users and they will soon see some updates.

The AI assistant will not just have IQ but also EQ. It is said to be able to keep a conversation going. It will be your new friend apart from Alexa or Google Assistant. In the future, the AI may even allow the user to no longer touch a smartphone. That’s the dream but we know it may take a while before it happens.