Redditor ThirdTimeCaller shared that he recently received a new OTA notification on his Huawei Watch that activated the speaker function. It’s not a public release yet, just a test build so it won’t be available for all Huawei Watch owners. Huawei developers are waiting for comments and feedback first before a more stable version is released for the Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

A speaker means you can hear right from the wearable device without having to use headphones. You can even set a ringtone for incoming phone calls. There is no cellular connectivity but you can make phone calls via a Bluetooth headset. The Redditor even said that text-to-speech works but is actually annoying. Why, it reads anything on the small screen–reading the time and menu even when it’s not necessary.

ThirdTimeCaller even recorded his navigating the updated Android Wear smartwatch. There’s a lot of tapping, swapping, and scrolling. In the video, you can see the new emojis and the speaker in use. Audio quality isn’t impressive but at least it actually works. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have any quick volume control. Don’t panic if audio starts playing and you can’t turn down the volume or turn in off quickly.

Testing the updated Huawei Watch some more, the Redditor discovered another feature. He said that the smartwatch will retry doing voice search via Google Now before the Disconnected screen is shown. This way, the device is given a few times to follow the user’s commands.

VIA: Reddit