HUAWEI Watch 3 HUAWEI Watch D Concept

A new Huawei Watch is expected to be introduced soon. After the Huawei Watch GT 3, we can expect the Huawei Watch D to be revealed. It could be a smartwatch that is able to read blood pressure. The feature could be available at launch. The big reveal may happen on December 23 or just before year-end. Huawei is also believed to introduce other products with helpful features. One important addition will be a blood pressure monitor. Nothing is final and official but we can expect this one to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The upcoming Huawei Watch D with blood pressure monitor will come with a HUAWEI Health app. It is where you can access information including history of your BP results. On the app ,you can monitor your results for improvements.

Not much details have been published but a leakster previously said the Huawei Watch D will be the name. The watch’s selling point will be the blood pressure monitor. The feature is being tested and is said to offer a good accuracy rate.

Of course, such a smartwatch will never replace a real BP monitor but it works and can give you an idea about your health and condition. It can be for quick or everyday use.

The smartwatch is also said to come with a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG). This can check the heart rhythm of a person that may possibly detect Atrial fibrillation (AFib). As with any sickness, early detection may help. You should know what’s happening to your body so you can reduce risks and make adjustments to your eating or lifestyle.


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